This site is an extension of my art studio. It’s a place for sharing my love of drawing, painting, printmaking, and mixed-media explorations.

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December 2021 – January 2022

Here’s an invitation to the current exhibit of my work…

(RE)NEW 1 and 2 – colored pencil and graphite

Wishing all good health, peace, and contentment during Spring 2022…and beyond!

phoenix collage
May be a bird rising from ashes (Mixed-media collage) (posted Oct 2022)

The branch in the installation entitled May be a bird rising from ashes at the current exhibit surprisingly decided to show some new growth this month which beautifully complements the theme of this piece.

Here’s a poem I wrote to accompany this piece…


Fossils in ashes
Nature prints and impressions in ashes

Animals and plants begin to return
Flowers appear to appear in the sky for hope

“Hope springs eternal!”
Flames become feathers
Phoenix lives again
Bird takes flight
Wind becomes breath
Life renews again and again and again

Panel 1


When I’m not in my studio or guiding classes and workshops, you’re likely to find me exploring galleries, museums, and art in public spaces.

Panel 2